The Youth Division of Pilot International

Anchor International was started in 1952.  Anchor is made up of more than 6,000 young people — both male and female students. Anchor clubs are found throughout the United States, Bahamas and Japan. We currently have 33 Anchor Clubs in the Georgia District. Anchor Clubs take on many forms: some are affiliated with schools (middle schools and high schools); some are community-based. Some are large and some are small. Regardless of size or composition, one thing is true of all Anchors: they serve because they want to make a difference.

Anchor Club service projects increase the awareness of and help those affected by brain-related disorders. Anchor Club projects are as diverse as the schools and communities in which they are found. Whether working with special education kids or with senior adults affected by Alzheimer’s disease, Anchor members make a difference and have fun doing it!

Characteristics of an Anchor:
Altruism — Anchors participate in altruistic activities through selection, organization and participation in various service projects, both in their schools and in their communities.
Noble Purpose — Anchors discover that it is always more rewarding to give than to receive.
Citizenship — Anchors assume leadership roles within their club and are given the drive and experience to become better citizens.
Honor — Anchors are honorable people: honest and fair, showing integrity through consistency in their beliefs and actions.
Open-Minded — Anchors step outside their own comfort zone to view others and themselves in a new and kinder light.
Responsibility — Anchors are taught to be responsible for themselves and others through group activities.

Ga District Anchor Standing Rules 2-27-2010

Anchor Forms and Information:
Anchor Club Officer Form (fillable)
Anchor Club Dues Invoice (fillable) (for International dues)
Anchor Club Treasurer’s Report (fillable) (for International dues)
2022-23 Georgia District Anchor Dues Invoice
2022-23 Georgia District Treasurer’s Report
2022-23 Anchor Important Dates (revised Nov 2022)
Pilot Anchor Photo Video Release Form
2022-23 Georgia District Anchor Expense Voucher

District Officer Requirements 2023-24
2023-24 District Officer Nomination

2023 Community Service Award Application (revised)

2023 Georgia District Anchor Scholarship Application
2023 GPF Anchor Scholarship Application

February 24-25, 2023
Great Wolf Lodge
150 Tom Hall Parkway
LaGrange, GA 30240

Anchor Convention Regulations 2023
GA Anchor Convention – Know Before You Book 2023
Anchor Convention Registration Form 2023
2023 Convention Parent Permission Form
Scrapbook Guidelines for Anchor 2022-23

Anchor Newsletters

GA District Anchor Newsletter (1st Qtr – Sept 2022), GA District Anchor Newsletter (2nd Qtr – Nov 2022), GA District Anchor Newsletter (3rd Qtr – Jan 2023)

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