2019-20 Georgia District Administrative Council
GOVERNOR: Jayne Lackey – jlackey@uga.edu
GOVERNOR ELECT: Susan Harbin – susanharbin59@gmail.com
SECRETARY: Jenni Overbey – jennioverbey@bellsouth.net
TREASURER: Cathy Moorehead – pilotcathymoorehead@gmail.com

2019-20 Georgia District Executive Council
NORTHWEST REGION: Barbara Ridley – hbridley@hotmail.com
NORTHEAST REGION: Avaline Adams – pch1381@netscape.net
EAST CENTRAL REGION: Beth Copeland – mcnair.copeland@comcast.net
SOUTHWEST REGION: Lorena Perry – lorenaperry42@yahoo.com
SOUTHEAST REGION: Durrett Moerman – durrett333@hotmail.com

2019-20 Georgia District Appointees

2020-21 Georgia District DAC & DEC
2020-21 Georgia District Appointees

Pilot International leadership gathered in Chicago in July 2019 for their
Annual Convention & Leadership Conference. Pictured below (left to right): Avaline Adams, Beth Copeland, Lorena Perry, Susan Harbin, Cathy Moorehead, Jayne Lackey, Durrett Moerman and Barbara Ridley.