Welcome to the website for the Georgia District of Pilot International!

This year, our District and Pilot International will be celebrating 100 years of Friendship and Service — an extraordinary milestone for any service organization.

Governor Robin

I chose for my theme “Celebrating Us”. The rich and dedicated history of service by our members, represented by the stars in my logo, should be celebrated. The various colors of our stars represent the diversity of our members, both within our district and internationally. Our district is proud to have members who have volunteered and served our Georgia communities for more than 60 years, still finding ways to serve. How lucky we are for their dedication and commitment!

Pilot International (http://pilotinternational.org) was chartered in Macon, Georgia, on October 18, 1921. Our mission is to influence positive change in communities throughout the world. To do this, we come together in friendship and service, focusing on encouraging brain safety and health and supporting those who care for others. Our nationally-recognized, award-winning programs serve both young and old, and everyone in between.

The 41 Clubs in the Georgia District work with their local communities on a variety of service projects, and awareness programs as well as fundraising to support our mission. To learn more, please visit our “Locations” page to see where our clubs are located and for contact information, so you can get involved with our wonderful organization, too!

Thank you for your interest in the Georgia District of Pilot International.

Robin Williams
2021-22 Governor