Forms Cheat Sheet – Locations and Use

Ga District Standing Rules (amended January 2020)
Pilot International Bylaws (updated July 2018)

Ordering Information – Gov. Robin T-Shirt
District T-Shirt Order form (order by May 30 to receive at PI Convention)

Nomination Form for District Office

2021-22 Ga District Annual Dues Report
2020-21 Ga District Dues Assessment Form

2020-21 Ga District expense voucher
2020-21 GPF expense voucher
2020-21 Ga District Anchor expense voucher

Q1 2020-21 Quarterly Report
Q2 2020-21 Quarterly Report
Q3 2020-21 Quarterly Report
Q4 2020-21 Quarterly Report

2020-21 Forms Guideline
2020-21 Ga District Memorial Form
2020-21 GPF Donation Form
PIFF Contribution Form
Club Ambassador Certificate (2019-20)

2020-21 Club Officer Installation script

2020-21 Plan of Work form
Club Officer Form (revised 03-02-2021)
Audit Committee Report

2021 GPF Anchor Scholarship Application
2021 Lynda Goodwin Volunteer Scholarship Application

Award Forms:
Governors Cup Award Form (due date: August 15, 2020)
Ga District Newsletter Award Form (due date: January 6, 2021)
Ann Adams Award Form (due date: February 15, 2021)
Edwina Gill Growth Award Form (due date: February 15, 2021)
Nancy Henrick Service Award Form (due date: February 15, 2021)
Vivian Hartman Memorial Award Form (due date: February 15, 2021)

Pilot Documents:
Georgia District Policies & Procedures (updated January 2020)
Georgia District Long Range Plans.doc