Welcome to Georgia District, Pilot International.  We currently have 64 Pilot Clubs with a total membership of 1504.  There are six Regions throughout the Georgia District.  Our District is proud to sponsor our signature service project BrainMinders™ and Project Life Saver.

Our BrainMinders™ program promotes safety and prevention of brain related injuries that is geared to young children.  We present these programs to pre-school through first graders.  Our clubs participate in presenting this puppet presentation to almost all of our elementary schools within the six regions of our state.  Along with the presentation we issue coloring books to each child to reinforce the message of safety and protecting their brains for life.  Some of our clubs have taken this program and adapted it to present to older adults and with specialized information via puppets on ways to be safe in their homes or care facility.  This too has been a very successful endeavor.

Project Life Saver is another project that we are very proud of in Georgia and we must thank one of our Past Governor’s Evelyn McCain for bringing this to our attention and being what we consider our appointed “Poster Person” in helping our 62 clubs become more familiar with and to get this project started.   Many of our clubs work in conjunction with either their local Police Departments or Sheriff’s Departments who are trained in the tracking of wandering members of the community.  The clubs participate by providing the tracking bracelets to Alzheimer’s patients and Autistic children. The phenomenal results of this program have enhanced the lives of many of our Georgians.

We are proud to be the home of Pilot International’s headquarters (Macon) and invite all Pilots to visit the building when you are in our state.  Georgia Pilots work constantly to improve the quality of life in our communities and invite you to join us on the journey.

If you are not a Pilot and are interested in membership, please find the club nearest you (click here) and call the president who will be more than happy to have you join us.


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