District Workshops 2022

These forms should be used by current officers and submitted prior to June 30:
Club Officer Form (revised 03-14-2022)
2022-23 Georgia District Annual Dues Report

Forms and information for 2022-23 Pilot year:
2022-23 Forms Guidelines
Forms Cheat Sheet – Locations and Use
Membership Information Form (for new members)
Notification of Change in Membership Form
2022-23 Georgia District Dues Assessment Form (for new members)
2022-23 Ga District Pilot Expense Voucher
2022-23 GPF Expense Voucher
2022-23 Ga District Anchor Expense Voucher
Q1- Quarterly report ending September 2022
Q2- Quarterly report ending December 2022
Q3 – Quarterly report ending March 2023
Q4 – Quarterly report ending June 2023
2022-23 Georgia District Memorial Form
2022-23 GPF Donation Form
PIFF Contribution Form
Audit Committee Report
2022-23 Plan of Work Form
2023 Lynda Goodwin Volunteer Scholarship Application

Governors Cup Award Form
Ann Adams Attendance Award Form
Edwina Gill Growth Award Form
Georgia District Newsletter Award Form
Nancy Henrick Service Award Form
Vivian Hartman Memorial Award Form