Dear Pilots and Friends,

We are a dynamic group of community volunteers who look for worthwhile projects and plan to make them happen. We are planners, organizers, volunteers, and friends. Our organization is a part of Pilot International; we invite your interest and questions. You may want to become a member of a Pilot Club in your area. Please contact one of our clubs or officers and we’ll help you make the connection.

Our 2014-2015 theme is Pilot Is the Key to Service. Through membership and active involvement in Pilot Clubs, you will be able to make a greater difference in your community by serving in projects and leadership roles. Our projects focus on Brain Related Disorders, public awareness of and assistance to groups and individuals; recognizing and providing Pick Me Ups for Caregivers; and Anchors, our clubs for youth through our schools and community to provide training and hands-on opportunities for service and leadership.

Pilots and friends, I wish for each of you a great year of caring, serving, and establishing friendships with other Pilots throughout Georgia. I look forward to seeing many Georgia Pilots at our Fall Council, Anchor Convention, and 2015 District Convention!

In Pilot friendship and service,

Judy Jackson,

2014-2015 Governor

Georgia District, Pilot International

Jackson headshot 1