Greetings and Welcome to the website for Georgia District Pilot!

Georgia is one of the 20 districts that make up an organization called Pilot International. I encourage you to learn more about the Pilot organization, begun in 1921, by going to its website http://www.pilotinternational.org.Throughout the state of Georgia you will find more than 60 clubs made up of volunteers who carry out service projects in individual communities to make life better for people of all ages. We work toward the Pilot vision of a world where all are valued.
We seek to accomplish this with focus on providing “Pick Me Ups” and support for Caregivers and by educating people of all ages about the effects and prevention of traumatic brain injury. Many clubs provide their communities with Project Lifesaver tracking devices for dementia patients and children who wander because of brain disorders such as autism.

Since the year 2000, clubs across the world and in Georgia have been using animal characters called BrainMinderTM Buddies in puppet shows and members in costume to present educational programs about prevention of brain injury. Sponsorship of Anchor Clubs in local schools is another important part of Pilot. These clubs give our youth the opportunity to learn to be leaders in school and communities and to experience hands-on service to others. This year we will begin organizing Compass Clubs for college age and young adults to keep work going to make the worldin which we live a better place.

The theme this year for Georgia District is “Spread Our World with Happiness.” Experts tell us that people are happiest when they are making others happy!

Look for a club nearest you and join Pilot in its Friendship and Service.

Grace Crittenden
2015-2016 Governor
GA District Pilot International
Pilot Club of Cuthbert

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